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Imagine having a doula for your website!

holistic website designFeeling overwhelmed by all the options for creating an online presence for your business?   You may love your work, but I’m guessing you’re not quite as enthused about conquering the technological realm to promote your work online.  Imagine the difference a Website Doula could make!

I want you to love your website, and I want your website to work for you.   I can help you craft a simple, inexpensive, & beautiful birth business website that you can manage yourself with ease. I am comfortable working with both the WordPress platform and Weebly sites and can help you discern the best option for your needs.  Support may include design, content review, site organization, social media integration, and search engine optimization – you choose where you need my help the most.

You have a website, but need some help to make it more effective.

If you have a website that you’d like to keep, great! We’ll have five hours together to do identify & implement changes based on a review of your website – examining your existing content, site organization and search engine optimization to find ways to improve how your site serves your practice – and help.   Cost? Just $300 for five solid hours of support.

Sarah did so much more than help build our website. She also offered sage advice about how to approach our practice, and feedback about what would work well on the website and what would not.

You want to build your own website, but need some guidance.

If you are ready for a new website for your practice, I can help you identify the best option to match your needs, help you design a simple yet beautiful template and site organization, and serve as your “Website Doula” allowing you to build the site yourself with ease.  Once you’re done, I will help “polish” what you create on your own – content, site organization & search engine optimization – to help bring your website to the next level. Cost? Just $550 for ten hours of support or $750 for 15 hours of support using weebly or wordpress.

Your combination of beautiful styling & functionality created a user-friendly site that really speaks to my unique offerings and gifts!

Want your website to work for you?  Do a website review.

If you would like your website to do a better job of helping you find clients, my Website Review package will provide you with the guidance and insight you need.  During a 90 minute call together I offer detailed feedback on your template, colors & branding, content, site organization & search engine optimization.  The call is recorded so you can go back and listen again if need be.  You will emerge with a long list of tips & tricks to enhance how your site works in support of your birth practice.    Cost?  Just $150.

I love having a Website Doula!   In just one call you took me from feeling “stuck” with my site to a new sense of excitement and confidence.  Instead of starting over with a new site, I now have a long list of great ideas to refresh my existing site – I just wish I could do them all tonight…

Search Engine Optimization Webinar

One of the best ways to enhance your online presence is develop your skills in online marketing.  My Search Engine Optimization for Birth Professionals Webinar will give you all the tools you need to have a long-term SEO strategy for your website, including blogging strategies, social media integration, and establishing your online brand.  Awesome pre-recorded sessions you can watch on your own schedule, fabulous individualized support on our private forum, and one private SEO coaching phone call.  Click here to learn more.

“I learned so much! Hearing the information presented from the perspective of birth work made it so much more interesting, applicable & enjoyable. The personalized attention was amazing! “