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Free Calls for Birth Professionals

teacupA few times each year I offer a free conference call workshop as my gift to each of you.  Too often we are so busy supporting our lovely clients that we forget to nourish ourselves.  This is a chance to take one simple hour to nurture your birth practice, and yourself as an entrepreneur.

Next call is in September! Our topic? The Doula Interview.

It’s a pretty great feeling when you leave an initial doula interview with absolute confidence that you Will be hired.  Still, we all have times when we may leave feeling unsure, self-judgmental, or find out that the awesome client we thought would be 100% has hired another doula. Join me Wednesday September 24th at 10am PST for another great call, offering you tips and creative ideas for the doula interview.

This free call will explore each stage of what happens when we meet with a potential client for the first time.  We will identify ways you can improve how you prepare for the interview, learn about their needs without giving them a free prenatal class that same night, share more about your practice style, and follow-up afterwards.

Do you have an example of a doula interview that didn’t go so well? I’d love to work with a few case studies, so if you have a story to share please email me at

Be sure to join the Birth your Business facebook page above for more great resources and to suggest future call topics.

I know September seems like ages from now, so use the next few months to enjoy some of the recordings from past calls I have featured below. Plus, you are always welcome to schedule a free 20 minute phone call with me to talk about your practice & learn about business doula care.

Is there a topic you would love for me to cover in a future call? I welcome your suggestions – please let me know!
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