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Free Resources for your Birth Practice

What is it about self-employment that makes us feel like we should be able to do everything ourselves? I have gathered here some excellent resources to help you along the way. Below you will find links to our past free conference calls, free handouts from Birth Your Business, and favorite resources for small business owners with holistic values. Do you have a resource you’d like to share? Please let me know!

Free Conference Calls

A few times each year I offer a free conference call focusing on a topic related to birth business.   For the first half hour I offer tips & tricks, and then the second half of the call is open for questions & sharing.  Can’t make the date?  All those who register will receive a link to the call recording.  I do encourage you to make the calls if possible so you can contribute your questions and perspective to our conversation.

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Support Community on Google+

Join us on Google+ for a free support forum on Birth Business for holistic birth professionals.  We’re over 100 members and growing, posting questions and resources about marketing, branding, website development, and more…  There are doulas, midwives, childbirth educators, yoga teachers & photographers from around the world – all with a shared commitment to serving birthing & postpartum families.

Ifogle+ for your Birth Practice you’re not yet familiar with it, Google+ is a new(ish) social media platform that is growing quickly, and offers some truly inspiring features that are a great fit for us as birth professionals. To join, you must first set up your personal profile, and then ask to join the Holistic Birth Professionals group.  It is open to all birth professionals, but is set up as a private community – so only members can see posts.

Free Handouts


Free Birth Business Marketing Guide.  Building a successful birth practice is in large part dependent on having a community of support to help spread the word.  This free resource will help you consider the wide range of wonderful practitioners in your region who might be considered part of the “village” to help market your birth practice.

On my list…  An innovative approach to the To Do List that will keep you both organized and inspired.

Meaningful Social Media is an article offering you ideas to enhance your social media presence in a way that engages clients and honors your practice values.

Using Pinterest for your Business is a great overview of how to use Pinterest effectively for your practice And make pin-worthy quote images for your business! Created by Tami Smith, cohost of my SEO for Birth Professionals Webinar.

Favorite Resources

1) The Boss of You, by Lauren Bacon & Emira Mears.  This is the ultimate guide for women entrepreneurs who want to start their own small business.  Down-to-earth, approachable, and real. Enjoy the book, and check out their blog for more great resources.

2) The Right Brain Business Plan, by Jennifer Lee.  For all of you creative folk who could embrace writing a business plan if only it was fun….  Her book & website bring the process of starting a business plan to life.

3) Marketing for Hippies, with Tad Hargrave.  Ready for a treasure trove of ideas around marketing your unique niche?  Tad delivers his content with substance and humor in workshops and his blog.

Doing Business Our Way

As a Business Doula I get to talk with birth business owners around the world, and often they express a discomfort with the advice provided by standard business coaches and blogs. We provide extraordinary care to the families we serve – and in my opinion, this challenges us to market ourselves in a way that respects our relationship-based care & values as birth professionals.  Business plans, SEO, budgets, marketing, website development can all take on new meaning when you approach them from a holistic marketing framework.  I hope these free resources will provide you with a solid foundation as you birth and grow for your practice.