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Sarah Juliusson, Birth Business Doula

Have you been trying find a business coach to help you grow your birth business?   Imagine the supportive nature of doula care translated into holistic business doula care, with a coach who understands the unique nature of birth work and owning a birth business.

I offer you my years of experience and perspective as a successful birth business entrepreneur, having transformed the seeds of a vision into three successful companies that have supported thousands of families.  As a seasoned birth professional, I am delighted to support other small birth business owners & dreamers seeking the confidence, clarity and skills to birth and grow their own birth business.

The path that led me here…

Over the past 20 years I have been honored to serve in roles that include Childbirth Educator, Doula, and Maternity Nurse.   I was a Certified Birthing from Within Mentor for many years (retired in 2014 having served hundreds of families in childbirth classes), am a seasoned Birth Doula (175+births), and have a Masters in Parent-Child Nursing.  I am now mostly retired from birth work, aside from the occasional friend or family birth and private prenatal session.   Along with Birth Your Business, I offer custom WordPress website design and DIY website design support for birth and postpartum professionals.   I have also taught business courses for the Holistic Doula Certificate program at Pacific Rim College .

business doulaWhen I first began my birth practice, I had this crazy idea that I would be a stay-at-home mom and teach occasional prenatal classes.  Within two years I had quadrupled the offerings and was somehow managing to work full-time while also at home with my two young children.  Ten years later, my “baby”, Dancing Star Birth, has supported thousands of families with a team of skilled childbirth educators.  I retired from the practice in April, 2013 to focus my efforts on supporting you to grow your dream birth practice!

Much to my surprise, these years of self-employment have cultivated a true love of business, and today I have embraced the identity of “entrepreneur” as an integral part of who I am as a woman and mother.  The transformation from childbirth educator into Business Doula has been a natural adaptation of my skills and calling.

What I Love…

sarah juliusson - business doulaI love my work. I really do.  I am fascinated to find that I enjoy supporting other birth business owners to thrive just as as much as I enjoy supporting new families through birth & postpartum.

I love my family. As the mother of two growing boys (11 & 13) I am blessed to work from home and enjoy healthy life balance.

I love my farm.   Our 5 acres in the beautiful Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, BC, are home to a multitude of chickens, two pigs, two goats & two water buffalo.  My office door opens to the garden, and when I need a break it usually involves some weeding.  We strive to live sustainably, meeting most of our food needs for the year.

I love to create.  I spend long hours in the kitchen, and am a great lover of crafting with fabric and wool.  My current quest is to sew more of my own clothing  – very, very fun.

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